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Southern Oregon Land Conservancy
Babe Creek Property

Babe Creek

The Babe Creek property is approximately 122 acres along Dead Indian Memorial Road. Babe Creek is a tributary of Walker Creek, which is a tributary of Bear Creek, one of the larger tributaries of the Rogue River.

The property contains priority land types identified in our Conservation Plan: Riparian areas and Oak Woodlands.  There are ponds, springs, and an artesian spring as well as extensive riparian wetlands.  The property is comprised of riparian forests along a tributary of Babe Creek, mixed evergreen forests, pockets of oak woodlands, and a rocky meadow.  Unique sculpted tuff (volcanic ash rock) boulders and cliffs are also present.

Declining western pond turtles and king snakes have been spotted on one of the ponds.  Other wildlife reported on the property include gray fox, bobcat, cougar, black bear, black-tailed deer, packrats, acorn woodpecker, great blue heron, ducks and geese on ponds, and great horned owl.  Garter snakes are common.  This is also deer and elk wintering ground.  

The forest is quite variable from an even-aged young plantation stand by Dead Indian Memorial Road to dense to open and diverse uneven-aged older forests of Douglas-fir, white fir, ponderosa pine, madrone, western white oak, black oak, and some sugar pine.  Rabbitbrush, buckwheat and mountain mahogany inhabit the upper rocky meadow ridge.

Property Location

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